Some Works

VR Experience: ASKO           Role: Designer/Mixer             Year: 2016










Immersive experience for VR headsets with designed spatial audio.

TV Ad: H&S                      Role: Recordist/Mixer                  Year: 2016










VO coaching and recording, plus mixing of VO, SFX and music.

Film: Arno            Role: Designer/Dialogue Editor               Year: 2016










Design of SFX and ambiences, including concerts crowds and reactions.

Animation: IMEC     Role: Recordist/Designer/Mixer          Year: 2015










VO coaching and recording, designing of elements, musical choice, plus final mix.

Installation: Gladiators              Role: Designer                   Year: 2015









Design of the sonic story and elements involved in a Gladiator battle for the interactive installation at the Museum of Tongeren and the Museum of New York.

VR Experience: CarVR   Role: Video Recordist/Editor/Mixer  Year: 2016










Ambisonics and binaural recordings inside sports cars, combined with 360 video recording and editing to create VR and 360 immersive experiences.

Theatre: Jamie's Evening    Role: Designer/Engineer   Year: 2008/13










Live music engineering and SFX design in the daily oldest traditional Scottish show.

Film: Onder Het Hart               Role: Designer                     Year: 2014









Design of SFX and ambiences.

TV Ad: Sanex                   Role: Recordist/Mixer                   Year: 2016










VO coaching and recording, plus mixing of VO, SFX and music.

Installation: ES            Role: Designer/Programmer            Year: 2013










Designing and audio programming for an interactive installation involving audio feedback capturing and computer processing.

TV Series: Coppers    Role: Dialogue/Designer/Foley   Year: 2015/16










Dialogue edition, SFX design, ambiences design and Foley.

Short Film: The Soul Is Wandering  Role: Designer/Mixer  Year: 2015 










Ambience and SFX design, plus mixing for cinema and TV.


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